Welcome on the homepage:

The button "region" will give you a general view about 54 found Verbeek-familytrees from north to south (with a corresponding number!). There are more trees, but those trees are very small: one, two or three pages.

The button "age" will give you the same general view arranged on the (estimated) year of birth of the ancestors.

The button "quantity" shows the same view, arranged on quantity (printing pages).

These views will take 3 x 2 pages (A4); do you want more, goto 'Bijlagen/Attachments'; there you will find a pdf-text with about one-page/one family (50 pages).

The button "Verbee(c)k" will bring you on a page with information about the names: Beeck, van Beeck, van der Beeck, Verbeeck and the most used one: Verbeek. But there is also Ferbeek, Verbeck and Verbek ....

Much Verbeek's went as "emigrant's" all over the world; to traditional countries as Canada, the United States of America, Australia, New-Zealand en South-Africa.. but also to less known territories as Argentina.

The button "VIP's" has some show-news'...

The button "pictures" brings you family-pictures (from tree 1 to 54).

The button "bijlagen/attachments" gives you a reservoir with different cases. There is the bigger 'Verbeek-file' (mentioned before), but also a list with questions and some specials.

And do you want still more, mail to:verbeekgenootschap@hotmail.com.

Piet Verbeek, Rijnsburg.